Sunday, March 2, 2014

Daily Fantasy Basketball: DraftStreet Advice for March 2nd

Earlier today, I posted some players that I thought were excellent values in both FanDuel and DraftKings leagues.

With time still allowing you participate in "late" games in both formats, here are the links to both of my posts:
Once again, Sean Beazley has some advice for those participating in DraftStreet leagues. Using a slightly different format today, Sean compares two players at each position with similar salaries:
Guards: Lance Stephenson, Pacers ($13,535) vs. Jameer Nelson, Magic ($13,619)

Nelson gets another lick-chopping matchup against the 76ers, who he just dominated a few days ago with 39 FPs. As much as I like this matchup for Nelson, I am staying away from him tonight. Nelson's price has been bumped for this one, and for Nelson to hit value he would need roughly 35 FP.

Stephenson is more consistent, and even if he doesn't hit 35 FP, he should be somewhat close. Stephenson also fills out the stat sheet as well. He averages over seven boards per game, and shoots over 50% from the field, where as Nelson is only at 39%.

Play - Stephenson

Centers: Nikola Vucevic, Magic ($17,484) vs. Al Jefferson, Bobcats ($16,114)

Vukevic has been one of the top DFS centers since he has come back from injury, and he has seen his price skyrocket. He has a juicy matchup against the 76ers as well today, but 44 FP might be stretching his limit, just a bit. Vukevic should have no problem getting a double-double, but I think he will be about 10 points overvalued today. I'll pass.

On the other hand, Jefferson has a very good matchup today against OKC. Jefferson has cooled off a bit only scoring 36 FP combined in his last two games. Jefferson only needs to hit around 40 FP today for value, and I think he does more than that. Jefferson is a start in all formats today for me.

Play - Jefferson

Forwards: Elton Brand, Hawks ($12,072) vs. Markieff Morris, Suns ($12,562)

Brand gets at least one more game without Paul Millsap in the lineup to wreak havoc down low. That being said, Brand's salary has risen by over $2,000 in the past few days. He is no longer the value play at $9,500 where he only needs to get 23 FP. He is bumped up to $12,000 where he will need 30 FP to hit value. Brand even with the salary increase is worth a shot today.

Morris comes off the bench, but he plays starter minutes basically. Atlanta struggles against opposing PFs so I expect Morris to be a guy who has a great shot to have a big night that won't cost you that much.

Play - Both

Best of Luck Today!
Put Sean's advice to use in a DraftStreet league for tonight's games.

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